Loser... Loser... Chicken Dinner

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yahoo reported this past Thursday that "Scott Boras' car was attacked outside a California restaurant." Boras had a chicken dinner at the Bandera Restaurant and returned to a disturbing scene in the parking lot after his meal. His Land Rover (not a Range Rover?) bore signs of a brutal assault, with damage to the windshield and driver's side window.

Someone used an unknown hard, long object (a bat would be appropriate) during the assault, but police are short on other leads. If they hope to crack the case, they'll probably need to start working in shifts as there is no shortage of people with an ax to grind -- or window to break -- when it comes to Boras.

The List

You've got the management of every team in Major League Baseball, although there's probably good reason to start with the Washington Nationals. We're not sure how the Stephen Strasburg negotiations have been progressing, but the mob has always found that a few well-timed broken windows have helped them seal deals on their preferred terms.

Manny Ramirez may still be holding a grudge over turning down that four-year, $100 million contract in light of his 50 games of lost wages this season.

Mets fans must be loving the Oliver Perez signing right now - 36 million dollars to play in their minor league system. Boy, that's great.

In 2007, Andruw Jones agreed to a two-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, worth $36.2 million. The Dodgers do want their money back.

The other 385 agents in baseball.
There's a bright side to this whole sordid episode. Boras was able to negotiate a $2,000 claim with his insurance company, even though no one thought there was more than $700 in damage. He also got a no trade-in clause and six free detailings.


Peach said...

Well, it wasn't Carlos Beltran (who he works for) with the bat. He hasn't lifted a bat in weeks...

Skeptic Al said...

I cant believe he drives that ugly thing.

Eli from Scott Boras's Garage said...

Apparently, that's not the only car he has. 7 more to be exact.