Hollywood? Ollie-Wood!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Okay, I just sucked helium and I'm feeling optimistic; squeaky voice and all.

The Mets sit a mere 4.5 games out of first place and it's only been 22 innings since they last scored a run. An extra base hit? That's been almost a week now. Only.

As John said, "You know how... you know things are bad? When Manny Ramirez gets ejected from the game in the fifth inning for treating his elbow pad like a hand grenade ... and he still goes 2-for-4 with three RBI!!!"

Right, right, optimism!

Well, we're getting a piece of our core back tonight (laughing noises) and according to our Ever-So-Quiet GM, "everything will be back in its proper spot by November." Except you, Minaya.

Now if Ollie pitches a solid game (which, going with the blog's theme, is something we are expecting/hoping/dying to see) - then tonight might be the night where we move a game closer in the NL East Standings. The Phils have Cy Young Candidate Rodrigo Lopez on the mound, who last time out beat the AAA Mets with relative ease.

If you are wondering who (Homer) Bailey is and if the Reds stand a chance with him on the mound, then realistically, the answer is no.

...yes, but he has a WIN?!...

Um, in that win on June 28th, Bailey, according to NBC, "struggled to grip his pitches," and "labored through five innings for Cincinnati, walking seven and throwing two wild pitches."

So to be honest, optimistic and realistic: The Mets and the Phillies will both snap their losing streaks tonight. The only difference is - the Mets streak is a lot longer and will start up again a whole heck of a lot sooner.

Yes, the helium is gone.


Eitan Flanders said...

Realistically, the Mets must rebuild for 2010. It's either this, get the guys back a little too late, make a late run, and lose our playoff spot on the last day of the season....

I'll be the PessiMet.

wario said...

there is a big possibility that ollie will shoot himself iin the leg with that gun, pls take it away

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, can't "fake" that injury... That one would be real...