Phan of the Day

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As seen on an Arch Nemesis's Phillies Blog, The Fightins,

If you weren’t watching the Phillies game last night like you should’ve been, you missed out on perhaps one of the greatest foul ball catches in the history of foul ball catches.

At the start of the Fightins 2-run fifth inning last night, Carlos Ruiz led off against D-back’s ace Dan Haren and fouled a 1-1 pitch back into the stands. An attentive Arizona fan was in a great position to snag the ball, and threw up his left arm and picked it out of the air.


But what if I told you he made the catch while HOLDING A LITTLE KID IN HIS RIGHT ARM, along with a soda in his right hand (and did not spill a drop)?

...As a friend, Simcha, said, "it looks like Adam Sandler in his babysitting roll in Big Daddy"...