Why Won't The Mets DL the Sheff?

Monday, July 20, 2009

A man by the name of Loopenark wrote in: I think there’s an overlooked reason why the Mets are underplaying Gary Sheffield’s injury: Omar Minaya knows he needs to trade him. They can’t put him on the DL now because they’d blow the July 31 Trade Deadline. They’re hoping it’s minor and he can get back on the field soon to show he can play well enough to get someone to bid. If this were earlier in the year, he might well be on the DL now…

Eli responds: You didn't technically ask a question so I don't have to answer this.

Cerrone responds: I don’t know… maybe. Regardless, I don’t know why people think Sheffield will be wanted by any one in a trade. I feel like every American League in contention must have a DH better than him at this point. At best, maybe, he brings on a low-level prospect… at best… and I suspect teams would just hold off, live with what they have, then hope to get a guy like Sheffield through waivers in August… and the same would essentially go for Livan Hernandez.

Eli responds: Did you know that Sheffield is a city and metropolitan borough of South Yorkshire, England? Unsurprisingly, this Sheffield is also very old (est. 1297).