Trade Deadline Approaching

Friday, July 31, 2009

With the trade deadline just hours away, we all know the Mets will not be pulling off any miraculous deals in the near future. But I thought it would be fun if we can come up with outrageous rumors, or possible deals Omar can make move on.

Example #1:

The Mets will trade Sean Green and a player to be named later for Victor Martinez. Of course it’s not true, but what else do we have to look forward to? Hey they pulled off a miracle with Johan so you never know.

Example #2:

Whatever the Rays want for Kazmir to return home!

Example #3:

How about resigning Chad Bradford in 2006? Huh, what about that, Omar?

Example #4:

Omir Santos for Roy Halladay. (Why you looking at me?)

...Lets hear it from the fan base.....


cris said...

santos and f-mart for v-mart?

Michael Justin said...

Jerry Manuel for Willie Randolph?

Uh... No.

Pillars said...

Just pick up a new prescription for Manuel and we'll be al'right. Oh, and Warthen and Shines too.