Jerry Not-The-Man-uel

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tell me if there's something wrong with me.

Actually, tell me if there's something wrong with Jerry Manuel.

We all know what the Mets are going through these days. We're the fans - of course we know; we're going through it too. But the worst thing to hear (besides "half your team is on the DL") is a hint that your manager might be giving up, losing faith or lacking heart.

Today on Twitter, David Lennon of Newsday wrote, "Manuel said he's had 1 July 4 BBQ in the past 25 years. But laughed, 'I might be BBQ'ing at this time next year.' "

First of all, why the mockery? If you want to belittle the work that you have accomplished this season, that's fine but do it behind closed doors when you're reading Ghandi's book for the 37th time; don't tell me that. Frankly, I don't want to hear it. Secondly, I understand it was for comical purposes but no one wants to listen to their manager hint to the fact that perhaps, this year might not be the most promising year for the team. You can be blunt, but where is the hope? Where is the 'believe'?

So technically, Jerry, you're wrong. BBQ? Next year? You, my friend, were fried a long, long time ago.

But seriously, thanks! Way to keep positive!



Ron Darling said...

Aha... so my cousin the Media Darling isn't enjoying life too much these days....