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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After the game Tuesday evening, Eli sat down with some of the blog fans and answered they're die-hard questions.

Here are some details of what took place:

Convo # 1

ReliableJon asked: When will Tatis get a day off?

Eli: Tatis? A day off? When did he ever play?

Convo # 2

Eli predicted a no hitter from Johan Santana tonight.

In the 2nd inning when Santana gave up his first hit, Schwedels was kind enough to write, "
Eli, there goes ur no no."

After the horrid 4th inning, Eli responded, "
My No-No? I'm pretty sure I got my no-no. Those were the exact words I was screaming to the TV during the previous inning..."

Convo # 3

TheWario asked, "Mr. Brooklyn, do you think Jerry Manuel, Razor Shines and Dan Warthen will all be fired this year, and if so - who would take their place?

Eli: Me, me, and oh, me.

TheWario: Seriously...

Eli: Seriously.

TheWario: I hate you, Eli.

Convo # 4

Waiter: Sir, either order or leave the restaurant. You can't just use our WiFi.

Eli orders.

Convo # 5

Skeptic Al: I enjoy your humor. What made you decide to start a Mets blog?

Eli: Well, being that I had time between body building, helping out the community and wedding crashing, I felt that it was only appropriate to start a Mets blog.

Skeptic Al: I see no correlation in that. But either way, keep it up!

Eli: Gee, thanks, Al. What do you do on your spare time?

Skeptic Al: (place really long and boring answer here)

Convo # 6

MattClausen: Think we should go grab Rios from Toronto?

Eli: Nah, he's got an attitude problem and besides - Toronto will notice he's missing.

Convo # 7

lenno213: Do you think the Mets will ever win a game again?

Eli: Moral victories do not show up in the standings but they mean a lot to the elderly fans. Does that count?

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wario said...

Eli why did you leave out the expletives from your convo with me??

Seriously you couldn’t stop cursing out the Mets! What happened? They almost threw you out of the restaurant last night!! There were kids around, you really made a scene....

I was so embarrassed.

wario said...
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wario said...

O and next time you invite me for an interview, please pay the tab!!!

Skeptic Al Jr. said...

I was not even there... what are you saying, Eli?