The Rubbish Rant

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evan Roberts, a co-host of WFAN's Midday Show, in his weekly 'Robert's Rant' recently predicted a series sweep; Mets over the Phillies, in which it would propel New York into first place by two games. We all know what occurred a couple of weekends ago.

"I wouldn't be shocked if the Mets sweep this series," Roberts said. To see the video, click here. He then went onto say how "President John McCain is doing a great job in office, the Los Angeles Clippers may repeat next year and that Eli from Brooklyn is really from Jersey."

Doctors are taking urine samples as we speak.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 12:12 AM

Guess who just responded to the post? Evan Roberts himself.

We accept Evan's apology and look forward to a budding relationship in the future.