9th inning? Big Spot? Gotta Go To Mo!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Now, I'm not that Yankee hater which many Met fans claim you need to be to be a "true Mets fan" but I'll tell you this much: I hate the Yankees when they're closer walks in an insurance run for his own team. Oh, he wasn't on the mound - Rivera did it from the plate.

It's now been twice this season that K-Rod buried his head in his glove while Met fans. across the nation, did the same with their hands. First it was Luis Castillo and the walk-off-error, and now it was Mo Rivera and his bases-loaded-walk; all with Franky Rodriguez on the mound. I see our 37 million dollar investment is going a long way against our crosstown rivals.

Furthermore, anyone (actually, it was me) who says that Rivera - not only recorded his 500th save last night - but also chalked up his first RBI, has erred in their speech. An RBI, literally stands for "Run Batted In," and I don't recall Mariano swinging and putting a ball into play last night. Do you? His 500th save and his first RWI (Run Walked In)... there...much better.

Either who, congrats to Mo and his teammates on a splendid victory last night against the Mets Double AA squad and hopefully, when the real Mets team returns from the DL, we'll pick up the pace, make the playoff likes we are expected to and meet you again in the real subway series - the World Series.

That's if you make it that far...

...Send regards to Boston, will ya?


KP said...

One day, about five years ago when I worked at a performing arts theater, Mariano Rivera walked in to see his kid do something. Rather than fawn all over him as the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ (who I hear had many saves) I shook him down for the 5 bucks he owed to get in and sent him on his way. Today I am happy I didn't give him a freebie.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, great story, KP.

Only problem is, "maybe it should've, in fact, cost 15 dollars for the Yankee Great..."

Think about that for the 8th grade talent show that his kid may be performing in in the upcoming year...

wario said...

the sad part is, mariano almost got on base as many times as the mets did this entire series!