Daniel Murphy - The Unwanted Career

Monday, June 1, 2009

While the current global recession has led to massive job losses throughout just about every industry, there is one profession that has seen substantial gains even in this tough economy. The insurance business in the tri-state area has seen an influx of new agents who were inspired by the same tragic story.

Daniel Murphy was a typical small town boy who had one dream and one dream only: to grow up and one day become an “insurance person”. Not all children are gifted with the same talents and Daniel’s life would soon take an unfortunate turn. While most of the other children began developing the skills that would lead them to bright futures in the insurance products industry, Daniel had to slowly accept the realization that his true talents lay elsewhere.

For almost two decades Daniel tried to break into the insurance industry, but last year he was forced to give up his dream and accept a fall back position playing professional baseball for the New York Mets. While not as tragic as playing for the Yankees, Daniel’s story has still inspired a generation of new insurance agents who are also avid sports fans. To account for the massive industry growth, these sports minded agents have been introducing cutting edge policies covering everything from self inflicted gun shot wounds, wage losses due to steroid suspensions, and a even a new extended entourage policy.

When contacted to inform him of how he has inspired so many others, Murphy took a break from an outdoor midday brunch with two local fashion models to express his regrets. ”Unfortunately, the feeling I get while rounding the bases after hitting a home run at Citi Field still makes me yearn for the true thrill of cold calling potential clients to discuss their term life insurance needs. I can only imagine the empty feeling I will get while signing my next Major League contract only to be wishing that I was really signing a new combination home, life and auto insurance policy with a safe driver rebate and low deductible.”

Murphy's first career choice is survived by insurance agent pamphlets, a drawing of a mock policy, and a chair that Daniel said he would always want to have by his would-be desk job.

A sad story for such a bright kid.

(Sent to a great new Mets website, OhMurph.com, by Paul V. of Las Vegas, Nevada)


Asher Anshel said...

That reminds me a little about myself, when i was a young boy in the Lakewood Cheder, i always said i wanted to learn in Brisk, but i ended up in Slabodka. Like my Rebbe always told me, not everything works out your way. Deep words from a Adom Godel. Daniel i can relate to you.

English Translation said...

Let's see if you can relate on the field...

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Any language is acceptable on this website. Even frum'ish.