Friday, June 5, 2009

The only thing stopping the Mets this weekend from a 4 game sweep was if they didn't play all 4 games. Bingo. The rain gods bestowed kindness upon the feeble.

As Wario said, putting the "Pitts" in Pittsburgh.

J.J. Putz took a beating, Johan Santana got hammered, and Mike Pelfrey gave up more runs than a Tom Glavine on a, oh let's say, September 30th, 2007. It was so bad yesterday that it led Metstradamus to claim that "Jason Jaramillo drove home every single person on the LaRoche family tree. I believe Jaramillo's bat is on its way to Cooperstown after setting a record for driving in more family members in one game than anyone in history. It was fun listening to Gary Cohen: "Base hit for Jaramillo. Adam LaRoche scores ... Andy LaRoche scores ... Dave LaRoche scores ... Jennifer LaRoche scores ... they're waving around the crazy uncle who stuffs his bell peppers with chocolate mousse, and he'll score! And the Pirates take a 23-5 lead." "

With news that Jose Reyes has a slight tear in the tendon between his knee and that JJ Putz told reporters he is experiencing severe pain when he throws his coveted two-seam fastball, (i.e., his splitter, which, asking him to pitch without it, as he explained, would be like asking Johan Santana to pitch without his change-up), Mets fans are wondering if they themselves should go on the 60 day DL or if in fact, this is just passing gas.

Either the way you look at the situation...

Thanks balding Met fan.

(Editor's Note: This picture is not of me, yet. Let's wait to see how I look at the end of this topsy-turvy season. Oh, goody.)


Skeptic Dave said...

That guy doesn't even look remotely like you, Eli! What?!