Mets' Tweets Of The Night

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a great way to recap the action (in under 140 characters, of course):

Eli From Brooklyn:

  • PRIORITIES! Down 2 w/ 2 outs in the 9th, Wright comes up & Keith screams "Wright has another chance to keep the hitting streak alive, Gary!"
  • Alex Cora saw 35 pitches in 5 at bats tonight. If all players saw 6.6 pitches per AB, starting pitchers would be gone by the 5th inning.
  • Keith Hernandez just said, "you can't win them all." Are you kidding me? We're barely close to winning 55% of them.
  • Eli's Sports Bureau says, "Met fans are leading the league in hairs pulled out due to team frustration. By a large, large margin."
  • SNY claims that Adam Schein & Chris Carlin "are animated, lively & downright entertaining" in SNYs LoudMouths. I just think they're loud.
  • In the 7th inning last night, Aubrey Huff dropped an over-the-shoulder pop-up & 2R scored. Tonight in the 7th? Over our shoulders, 2 run HR.
  • The only difference between Matt Wieters and me? 1 HR, 2 RBI's and a heck of a bright baseball future.

Andrew Vazzano of

  • Dear Tim Redding, Just pretend the O's are the Nats. They're close geographically. Thanks, All Mets Fans
  • "Hang in there folks," -Keith Hernandez to fans at "Mets At The Movies"
  • It's raining in Baltimore. Of course, the game just became official. Great timing, Mother Nature.
  • I guess Murphy reads my blog. Today, I wrote about how awful he's been at the plate since Delgado went down. Tonight: 3-3, all singles.
  • Brian Stokes is rustier than...well...something that is rusty.
  • Scratch Aubrey Huff from the list. His own teammates are trying to hurt him while Kevin Burkhardt interviews him. "I'll go ice my back." -AH
  • Tatis made Manuel's decision look bad. Swinging 2-0 after a run was just walked in? Bad choice.

Evan Roberts from The Mid-Day Show On WFAN:

  • Koji [Uehara] perfect through 1...JINX JINX JINX perfect through 1....I SAID PERFECT THROUGH hitter, no hitter
  • To all my tweetamaniacs I have no idea how to respond to you, so I apologize!
  • Boy these dopey fans really get into the Hot Dog Race on the Diamondvision. I guess a decade worth of losing seasons can do that to ya
  • Murphy 3 for 3...Murphy hater Joe from Clarke will not call show tomorrow
  • 1 for 10 from wright and beltran and we lose...clearly the story is Jerry's decision to lift FMart for Tatis

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