C'mon - It's Only One Loss!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The thing that troubles Matthew Cerrone and Met Fans most about Friday night’s loss, and, frankly, the repeated slip ups, mistakes and errors, is knowing that the last two seasons each came down to one game, any one loss, which could have staved off the Phillies and put Mets in the post season.

We fear the same will happen again…

For instance, who knows, maybe Friday night’s game, that one dropped pop up, ends up being the moment we look back on in November and wonder what might have been had Luis Castillo closed his glove.

Or, what might have happened had Ryan Church touched third base in the team’s one-run loss to the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

Or, what if Sean Green didn’t walk in the winning run against the Phillies during a game in early May.

Or, had Carlos Beltran slide in to home, or had Daniel Murphy not fallen to the ground on a fly ball, would the Mets have defeated the Cardinals in late April.

Put it this way...if the Mets either lose the division by one (or two games) this season or even think about having a complete collapse in September...

...then I, myself, will be putting this sign up in every pizza store in the tri-state area...

Try me, David, Carlos and Johan.

Just try me.


Butchy said...

Maybe all the Mets need is a pat on the back? How about that?

Mike From Lawrence said...

Feisty, Eli!