Welcome To Dodgertown!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dodger Stadium and the associated property now have a new ZIP code to go along with the new "Dodgertown, CA" name it was designated in October 2008.

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced Saturday that the United States Postal Service will designate Dodger Stadium and its property with the new 90090 ZIP.

"This is truly, truly a memorable and special occasion for the city of Los Angeles, for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and for me, a dream come true," Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt said.

"The magic of a Major League Baseball team for the first time in history having its own ZIP code and becoming a worldwide destination."

In a related story, they're also going to be renaming the area where the Mets play - "Stinkville".

The zip code? 15 dash 0.