Mr Met taken away in Ambulance

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's happened. Again.

Another Met has hit the DL; this time with a strained forehead.

Wouldn't you experience the same pain if your forehead was 5 feet wide?

A reason for the injury has not been released.

Luckily for me, I was able to tour Mr. Met's home just a few weeks ago.

(A thanks to NY Sports Space for the picture)

UPDATE: 2:52 PM -

Thanks to The Onion, we have discovered the reason for Mr. Met's headache.

Apparently, our ball-headed friend went stir-crazy from all the injury-vibes surrounding the team.

The good news is - Mr. Met is feeling better and is fortunately, a-HEAD of schedule.

UPDATE: 4:41 P.M. -

According to a live witness in the hospital, Ralph, "Mr. Mets' head won't fit into the MRI machine." God dangity!


Chesky from Upstate said...

I see that Mr. Met also has stitches... u think its gonna turn into a 60 day stint?

Mario said...

Good call, Ralph!

wario said...

tell omar to take out that roladex again!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Which mascot you wanna bring in here? and while we are on the topic: what's the deal with the guy in Milwaukee? Is he infatuated with slides? Geez, calm the down!