Trade, Keep & Release - Game 1

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recently on Twitter, I asked my followers to play General Manager:

It's time to play "Trade, Keep & Release" with the 3 Fernando's. Choose 1 (& only 1) label for Martinez, Tatis & Nieves! Good luck!

Seems easy, right? Wrong. Let's just say I got a nice assortment of answers:

JoeLipps: Trade Nieve, Keep Martinez, Releases Tatis, that was easy

mattclausen: but I want to keep both Nieve and Martinez right now. honestly: trade/release Tatis, Keep Nieve and demote Martinez

L_I_Sound: Trade Martinez, release Tatis, keep Nieve.

JMU2012: Sorry, I'm only getting rid of Tatis, for whatever I can get.

1. keep-tatis-valuble all around you can still get good stuff back 3. release-neive-got to go with history

schwedels: Drop Tatis Trade Nieve Keep fmart maybe keep nieve and trade fmart but if Fmart was untouchable in the johan deal, im not trading him now.

And the peanut gallery*:

FMart: Keep Martinez, trade the other 2.

Do you have your own ideas? Would you like to be heard? Are your pants too small? Well, we can help you with the first two. Try commenting here or send us a tweet but either way, try getting yourself a new pair of trousers, will ya?


SoldierMet said...

Tatis needs to shape up or ship out. If he doesn't produce then we gotta let him go. The only problem is - his availability for shortstop. We'd have to bring up Argenis Reyes if we let him go. Nieve? Keep. Martinez? Trade him for pitching.

wario said...
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