The Mets Get Dunn!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Josh Dunn, that is.

As the 2009 MLB draft comes to a close (I refuse to call it the "2009 First-Year Player Draft), Mets fans look back at all the star-studded players the team has picked up and can't help being excited about it.

Let's not focus on how were bound to trade them away for worthless prospects and small amounts of cash. Mind the fact that we'll probably give up on them, let them go/trade them, and watch those players become, oh I don't know, Scott Kazmir? Let's zero in on the POTENTIAL that there is in these fine young players because after all, we might just have a Jose Reyes or another David Wright in the bunch!


And without further ado, courtesy of The Ropolitans, here are the Mets pick from the 2009 MLB Draft:

(Feel Free To Enlarge The Picture)

Eli is not sure what is odder:

  • That it has come a time when I'm older than every player the Mets have chosen.
  • The fact that Nelfi Zapata (is that even his real name?) didn't want to list his weight.
  • That Pick #734, Michael Johnson, has retired from the sport of running and football, to possibly play for the New York Mets.
  • You thought Ryan Church's name sounded holy? Check out Pick #704.
  • Not too odd this next tidbit: Doesn't Casey Shmidt (#464) sound like the next best thing? I know!
  • The Mets 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th pick all had first names that started with the letter "D." Surprisingly, the Mets did not draft another player with a first name beginning with a D after those 4 picks.
  • Pick #614, Joseph August was actually born in September. I don't like this kid already. Born in September (A Collapse Baby) and he can't seem to get his months in sync. Release him, Omar.
  • Zachary Von Tersch (#674) is obviously in the wrong profession. Shouldn't he be painting a chapel or something?
  • And finally, Pick #884, ZeErika Hall, congrats on the coolest first name! You da man! If, in fact, you ARE a man...
So Freshies, if you are reading this after you were giggling and simultaneously googling your name finding it on this blog - please, no hard feelings if I insulted you...

...think of it as what's to come if you falter in the late innings of a crucial game....

But until then, best of luck!

Regards, Eli