Manny Returning Manny - Act(a) 2

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Every Mets fan has done it. We all have.

The question is 'how many times have you done it?'.

How many times have you thought back to 2006; a time when everything seemed right and every move seemed to click for the New York Mets?

Ah, good times (excluding the-play-which-shall-not-be-named).

So what changed exactly? Why have we been the unfortunate victims of two horrible collapses in the past couple of years? Was it the loss of Jose Valentin? Was it Chad Bradford? Or maybe Jose Lima?

Fat chance.

The answer, simply, lies in Washington. For now.

According to Jon Heyman, of Sports Illustrated,

"Manny Acta is likely to be fired soon, perhaps as early as Monday, a National League source confirmed.

Acta, 40, is well-liked by his bosses but appears to be taking the hit for the team's 16-43 start. Nationals bosses feel "something needs to be done,'' a person familiar with their thinking said.

Nationals bosses are said to admire Acta's patience. However, they may not have the same sort of patience. He is 148-234 in his time in Washington."

Here's the kicker: If Acta would be willing to step away from a managerial position, would he be interested in joining the Mets staff? Excuse the lack of love, Razor, but Acta's presence and knowledge seem to surpass you and your championship rings.

So, Omar, after your morning coffee on Monday, your usual web-surfing and a morning stroll, why not give Mr. Acta a call and invite him over for a while?

Guess what, I'll even offer to pick him up from the airport.