Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mike Francesa was not happy. Really not happy.

Francesa opened his show on WFAN on Thursday screaming into the mike (excuse the pun) how Jets Coach Rex Ryan's recent comments to Channing Crowder are silly, immature and unnecessary. Francesa seemed to be over the top heated about the remarks so Eli From Brooklyn sat down with Mike after tonight's show to discuss the topic, in order to find out what exactly was irking Mike to the point that he spilled his diet coke, screamed at Eddie and Sal - more than usual and even made fun of John Minko that he's balder than ever.

Francesa explained that "if Tom Coughlin would be the one spewing this material, I'd remain calm throughout the episode" but the fact that it's "Rex Ryan doing it, it really bothers me."

Eli understood why; it was obvious. "It's because Ryan has what to prove here in New York and Coughlin has won it all. Isn't that so, Mike?"

Mike then stared Eli down emphatically.

"No," he responded loudly, "not at all."

"So what is it, Mike, why are you so bothered by an unfamiliar new coach's comments, a man who wouldn't be able to hold your vocal jockstrap?!" Eli asked emphatically.

"It's simple, Oh-Great-Mets-Blogger, can't you see why? It's ruining my image!"

"Your image? Huh?"

Francesa turned to Eli and shakingly said, "Y-ess, Rex Ryan looks exactly like me."

I started to ask another question but that's when Mike hung up on me.

Nothing new there, people!


Mad Dogg said...

Gotta love Mikey baby!!!!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, what ever happened between you two?