It's Crunch Time!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Yorkers are good at making noise.

And that just might help as Wise brings a whole bunch of potato chips to Citi Field on July 10 to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the most potato chips ever crunched at once.

Let's hope they don't boo Wise as they were used to doing with Matt Wise.

The New York Mets play the Cincinnati Reds that evening as the “Big City Crunch” gets underway. Every fan entering the new ballpark will be handed a .75-oz. bag of Wise Potato Chips. At a designated time, instructions will be given to open the packages and, when given the go-ahead, to start crunching.

Brand reps are out in force around the area driving a Wise-wrapped van and distributing Wise Potato Chips. They are also getting consumers to try the Wise "Spin the Wheel" game where players can win Big City Crunch-branded merchandise, as well as tickets to the July 10 game.

At the ballpark, representatives of Guinness World Records will be on hand the night of the “Crunch” to record the occasion and, if all necessary criteria are met, shortly thereafter certify that a world record has been set.

The promotion was developed by Source Communications, Wise' sports marketing agency, to increase awareness for the chips and Wise’s sponsorship as the official potato chip and Cheez Doodle of the New York Mets.

The Crunch supports a season-long advertising campaign at Citi Field, including outfield and LED ads for Wise brands. A New York local print, outdoor, TV and radio ad campaign promoting the Big City Crunch, featuring Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, began May 18 and will run through the July 10 event.

I always love seeing that - "The Official Cheez Doodle of the New York Mets." Are you serious? Can a Cheez Doodle even be official? Gosh, the things these days...


Asher Anshel said...

Does anyone know the hechsher on the chips? If its free its for me!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

The chips are said to be kosher. You're okay.