Gettin' Chippy

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eli was recently seen strolling down Aisle 6 in a local Brooklyn supermarket, when he reached for a bag of potato chips. One would think this was a simple decision, being that this supermarket only carried two brands of those salty but yet yummy delectable chips, but, alas, it was an extremely difficult decision.

As he reached for a particular brand, his ESPN-Live-Game-Scoring-Alert-Text-Message came buzzing into his phone. "Putz blows the lead in the 8th," it read. "Gosh Dangity," Eli screamed in response. As an older woman scrambled to a different aisle, Eli composed himself and reminded himself where and why he was in Aisle 6 at that present moment. "Right, right," he said, "the chips."

And then it all became so clear; the answer was looking him square in the face...he was gonna go with the Lay's Potato Chips... Of course. Why didn't he see it all along?


Asher Anshel said...

If you want to have a gesmakah party leave putz out! When i am going to make a sudas prada for my friend in lakewood at the end of the zman i will be not to buy (p)utz!

wario said...

lol... gr8 one!!!
I have the same problem...

asher anshel, i think its time for you to head back to shiur now!

wario said...

i cant wait for wagner to come back at the end of august, then we will be without a putz!

he will make a good bridge in the pen!

Matt Wise said...

Hey! What about me?

Skeptic Al said...

Minaya Watch. Points to ponder.

Oliver Perez makes a tad less a season that Reyes and Wright combined.

John Maine and Mike Pelfrey combined make less than half of what Oliver is collecting.

Insane in the Membrane

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I disagree, Al.

Wright and Reyes, as well as Pelfrey (and Maine for the most part) were all signed when they weren't relatively big name players. On the other hand, Oliver was signed when he was thought to be a star lefty.

In hindsight, on June 2nd 2009, the point looks noteworthy but in reality, the way the cards fell no one expect Omar to do anything differently.

Although I would've went after Lowe but that's for a different time and a different place :)

wario said...

i dont think you would have went after lowe to be honest, the mets were not going to come near what the braves offered him, and only in hindsight you are going to say that you would have went after him.
60 mil for an aging 36yr old? c'mon!
ollie will be okay in a liitle bit he just needs to take his meds.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

I take it back. I knew it didn't sound truthful. Thanks, Wario, oh great Peace-maker.

You do not put the war in Wario.

wario said...

but i do put the rio in oreo!