Philling Up On W's

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


According to our Mets pals at MetsMerized, there are "four keys to beating the Phils." Between me and you, there is one. There is just one way to beat those arch city rivals and that is - by scoring more runs than they do.

It's pretty simple.

Without making this harder than it is and to make a long story, well, longer, I'll lay it down flat for you. If a team, for example, scores 5 runs in one full nine inning game and another team scores 6 runs (within that same game) - the latter team is pronounced "The Winner." Case in point? Tonight.

I told you, Metsmerized. It's pretty simple.

It doesn't make a difference at the end of the evening that the Phillies hit for more power (4 HR's) than the Mets (3 HR's). It's of no importance that Raul Ibanez hit his team-leading 20th home run this season, whereas, Carlos Beltran hit his team-leading 8th bomb. Nor does it make a difference that Citi Field appeared to be Yankee Stadium for one night. What is worth mentioning is the fact that the Mets beat the Phillies and have moved to just 2 games back in the standings.

But while where on the topic of pointless statistics and worthless reasoning...

  • Johan Santana improved to 4-0 in his career vs. the Phillies and avoided losing back-to-back starts for the first time this season.
  • David Wright homered in the second inning, ending a 100 at-bat homerless drought. Wright went 101 at-bats without a homer in 2006, the longest streak of his career.
  • The Mets were the 2nd to last team to make their first pick in the 2009 draft (72nd pick). The last team to make their first pick went to the Phillies (with the 75th pick). The last time both of the final 2 choosing teams in a draft played each other on that day was in 1737 when the Michigan False-Stats played the Minnesota Dont-Believe-This-At-Alls.
  • Stephen Strasburg, the first pick in the 2009 draft, was selected by the Washington Nationals. If the Mets collapse in 2013 during the final game of the season because of this kid....
  • Whenever Johan Santana hits an RBI double, 70% of the time the Mets win all the time.


Omir Santos's Sister said...

Thou's Knowledge Amazes Me! I bow to Eli's Sports Bureau.

Skeptic Al said...

Eli...your 1 key reasoning assumes the Mets players know how to add and subtract. Don't take anything for granted.

Johan The Mathematician said...

What was that, Al?

Marlon Anderson said...

Check out the link and you'll know why they aint good at Math anymore.

PS - I hate you, Omar!

doug glanville said...

its ok marlon, you can come over for a bbq by me

Josh Thole said...

Hang out with the future, Marlon!

Why bbq with Doug Glanville? Let him be to his website.