Goodbye, June, and Good Riddance To Ya!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mediocre Mets (37-37) are looking sad right now but one thing excluded from their list of troubles is June's departure.

Oddly, in baseball, we often see streaks start or end at the conclusion of a month and it seems to be an anomaly. The Mets, with 2 games remaining in June, have gone an abysmal 9-16 (National' fans reading this are chuckling loudly on how good we actually have it) and welcome in July with open arms, despite a few of them being in slings.

Inversely, the Mets went a solid 19-9 in the month of May and look to rebound from a Subway Series sweep when they play guest to the NL Central first place Milwaukee Brewers (40-35).

After handing Mariano River his 500th save, ironically, the Mets will face (hopefully, not) the only other man in MLB history to have notched his 500th save - Armando Benitez - er, Trevor Hoffman. (Where did that come from?)

With Florida creeping a 1/2 game behind the 2nd place Mets, the Mets can't afford to lose (and of course, get swept) another series. Luckily for New York, the Marlins are on a 3 game losing streak of their own and we know that won't last forever...

...what we do know is - we're not a very good team right now and Omar doesn't want to do anything about it. We must stick it out, play scrappy baseball (gosh I hate that word) and stay afloat until "the core" gets back...

but do hurry, Jose, Carlos and Carlos; I'm running out of hair to pull out.

Update: The Mets continued their losing ways in June falling to the Brewers by a score of 10-6 on Monday night. 9-17 and falling...

Update: The Mets lost another game. Shocking. June has left the building and the Mets went an abysmal 9-18. They lost double the amount of games that they won. I want my time and energy back.


wario said...

that was a gr8 movie, im a huge fan or ronald liu!!
in subtitles, omar stop sitting on your argenis and do somthing!!!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, Wario, whoever you are, you never cease to amuse me.

Sort of how the Yankee fan laughs at us, I guess.