The New and the Old - Mets Style

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tonight, besides dropping under the .500 mark and giving Jerry Manuel the scare he's been hoping he wouldn't have to bare, the Mets experienced a list of "firsts" and a lists of "I've seen that before."

Orange = A First.

Blue = Been there, Done that.

So without further ado, I give you:

The New and the Old

A catcher (Brian Schneider) walked to the mound during an intentional walk to speak with the pitcher (Brian Stokes).

David Wright and Ryan Church fix and readjust their batting gloves after each and every pitch.

Wright saw what a home run looks like when, fortunately for him, he was on base when Gary Sheffield hit a monster shot.

The Mets get our hopes up in the final inning having us think that they'd come back, only to stab us in the back even harder than if they'd have gone down 1-2-3 in the 9th.

Jerry Manuel now must choose between the 3 bridges in Milwaukee to jump from.

Willie Randolph continues to "Thank God" he was fired, even if it was done at an early 4 am in the morning. ("Never too early, never too early," Willie was heard muttering under his breath tonight).

The 9 to 6 force play; left fielder to second baseman. (First time this season in the Majors).

Trevor Hoffman recorded a save (#572 on his career).

He did it on the first pitch he threw.

The Mets let the Marlins leapfrog them in the standings.

Brewer fans saw J.J. Hardy go 4-4 with a walk; A.K.A. - bat 1.000. Oh why is this in orange? Because until tonight, he was batting .220. (Hat tip to Mets Today for this nugget).

The Mets missed tying this game up by less than a foot (which could have changed the feel for the game even more than it had but alas, it didn't occur). Sorry, Brian.

Fernando Nieve knows how to struggle? Shocking! Why didn't the Astros say so?

Fernando Martinez did not take advantage of a dropped fly ball.

The Mets gave up their first grand slam of the season.

Wright hit and plated a runner in a pressure-free situation. Stellar, David.

I rooted for a specific hot dog to win a race. God, a hot dog; what have I become?

Speaking of God, He continues to hate the Mets. (Thanks, gulp).

Someone read to the end of one of my blog posts.


Tropps said...

Lol, Eli, thanks for making me smile on one of the stinkier nights I've had in a while.

Will we ever win again?

wario said...

Thinking back to a previous blog from elifrombrooklyn: trade, keep, and release; I think I’m leading.....

Eli From Brooklyn said...

What did you say again?

wario said...


Skeptic Al Number 2 said...

Eli has better things to do. Sorry Wario.

wario said...

are you sure about that san2?
is he to busy twittering?