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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let's be honest. Nobody coming to this website wants to read about the Mets and their losing ways. Injuries, poor base running and some more injuries have plagued this mentally-ill-ridden team down to second place and counting... Which die-hard can take it all? Well, we whole wholeheartedly agree with you and you should know - you've come to right place. Let us alleviate the headaches of compiled losses and baseball retardation when we take you to a land far far away from Flushing, a place we like to call, "A Place Far Far Away From Flushing."

A big shout out to OhMurph for finding two songs made by Al Dukes, Boomer and Carton's nutty sidekick on WFAN in the mornings, where he sings about Big Pelf's yips/balks before his pitching performance in Boston on May 22nd, as well as a song on Mike's hand infatuation where he licks his hand before each pitch. Hands together for Al Dukes.

As you know by now, or not, Jose Reyes is now trying a new, alternative treatment called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) to heal from his hamstring injury. The agent for Reyes, Peter Greenberg, said that the hope is that the treatment will allow Reyes to heal quicker. Greenberg said there is no definitive time-table for Reyes’ return.

I think the biggest of the optimists would agree that this is not going to end well. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy? Lol. I'm sorry for laughing but c'mon! For all those that are unaware exactly how this procedure is performed, our friends at Metstradamus have "exclusive footage of the team administering the procedure, seen at the 0:48 mark." This is not for the fainthearted.

After a traffic accident, a man is treated with dog plasma while his dog is treated with human plasma. In other words, Jose Reyes was treated with Moises Alou Plasma.

In other news, following a loss to the Pirates on Thursday, Carlos Beltran expressed his disappointment by saying, among other things, “I know the Pirates are a big-league team, but we’re better than them.”

As a reply yesterday, Adam LaRoche said, “I think it shows zero class and zero professionalism. When somebody says that, they know what they’re saying, and they know it’s going to get out. He knows we’re not going to be real happy about it. If you go and say that to your buddies, it’s one thing. If you go to the media and make that public for us to hear? Yeah, that’s no class.”

Today, at David Lennon’s blog for Newsday, he forwards Beltran’s retort, “Being honest, I don’t care what he said. I believe we’re better than them.”

It's sad when a story off the field is more exciting than a story on the field but hey, whatever rocks the socks, right?

Hopefully, tomorrow, we'll discuss events that took place ON the field when Livan Hernandez throws the first no hitter in NY Mets history.

Don't let me down, Livan.

(Editor's Note: Are my expectations too high? Sue me.)


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