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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A blogging buddy, Joe Janish, writes, "Jeremy Reed was thrown out by several feet in the third inning after a Castillo single. Watching the replay, third-base coach Razor Shines was giving Reed the green light by circling his left arm as Reed approached third base. However, as Reed was rounding third (with his head down, something you do as a runner to make sure you touch the bag), Shines put up a stop sign with that same left arm, which Reed ran right through. Keith Hernandez commented that Reed “had plenty of time to stop”. I disagree.

A third base coach has to decide whether or not to send the runner BEFORE the runner hits the 3B bag. If he’s going to wait longer, then the coach has to position himself further down the third-base line, toward home plate, at an angle where both he can see the ball being handled by the outfielder and the runner can see him clearly as he rounds the bag. If Shines were in the proper position, then he can put up the stop sign “late”. But, Shines was at the edge of the 3B coaching box, and not in a good position to put up a late stop sign. What compounded the issue was that he used his same left hand to give the “stop” sign, which could have been construed as a continuance of the “go” sign. When as a coach you want the runner to put the brakes on, you put BOTH hands up, high over your head, using forceful, obvious body language. Again, fundamentals."

I totally agree, Mr. Janish. More so, don't you feel like Razor Shines wishes he had a case of the "runs?" No runs for him; alot for John Maine and Carlos Beltran though.

In all seriousness, it seems as if every time a ball is hit to the outfield with a runner on second, Shines makes it his doody (misspelled in honor of the tummy aches) to bring the runner around third without hesitation. Close play with Sheffield running? Send him. Ball coming in from the outfield while Castro pulls into third? Send him. Crazy man standing at the plate with large rifle waiting to gun down the next Met runner who attempts to score? Send him.

Yeah, nothing stops Shines from giving the ol' wave. And that's when I thought it would be a good idea to introduce Razor to a couple of buddies of mine who have similiar (hard working) jobs who may be a positive influence on the aggressive third base coach...

The Local Crossing Guard:

The Official Caution Flag Waver:

An awfully tattooed Snail who likes to show his Met love:

So Razor if your reading this and not paying full attention to the ever-so-subtle hints I've been dropping (because your too busy polishing your 12 championship rings, who even knew?) then maybe it's time you take this sign to the game and wave it as the next runner comes around third to say hi...

Invite him for some coffee, let him stay awhile, because who knows...he might actually score afterward.


John Doe said...

Get that man some riddelin!

wario said...

someone check him for steriod usage!!!
that man is out of control, he single handly(no pun intended) lost a heck of alot of runs this year for us, i say bring back sandy alomar !!!

Asher Anshel said...

Its Assor mdorissa to use a razor! We need to stop him now! Lets make a ma-ch-a in the parking lot!

wario said...

or how about mike cubbage? remember him eli?

wario said...

think he is looking to make a comeback?

wario said...

i think i found the reason why he sends everyone!!!!!!!!

take a look at his numbers as a player!:

In four Major League seasons he played in 68 games and had 81 at bats, 15 hits, one double, five RBI, one stolen base, five walks, a .185 batting average, .239 on-base percentage, .198 slugging percentage, 16 total bases and one sacrifice fly.

looks like he never rounded 3rd in his life!!!!!

Eli From Brooklyn said...

Lol, Wario. You're great. Great point with Shines in your last comment.

Asher Anshel, we will rebel when we feel its truly necessary.

Wario, his name is Michael Lee Cubbage and I do not. Remind me.