The All-Star Game and Grandpa

Monday, June 1, 2009


Have you ever gone to your grandparent's house and attempted to have a conversation with your grandmother without having your grandfather shout his thoughts from the background? It's not possible; we know that. So in honor of Grandparent's Day (okay, it's not today but who's checking?) we decided to have Grandpa's thoughts inserted in red after each paragraph. Won't that be a joy? (Eat it.)

Let's Begin:

We all know the players in the All-Star game are decided by 12 year olds with obsessive compulsive disorders ordering them to click their mouses dozens upon dozens of times (a minute) so they are assured to see their favorite (juiced up) players on the field come July 14th in St. Louis, but that sure doesn't stop us from watching the star-filled game. (Yes, it does and this article proves it. Cough.)

Too bad for Carlos Beltran; he picked a wonderful time to start missing games in order to spend more time with Uncle John. As of now Beltran is just roughly 14,ooo votes behind the last (and 3rd place) spot's Alfonso Soriano and a 104,000 in front of 5th place, Manny-Wood:

Try to stomach that, Carlos.

On a lighter note, David Wright continues to find favor in the eye's of the voting toddler's as he seems to be locking up first place by over 200,000 votes with over a month to go still:

Oh, so Wright gets voted in so he can swing and miss on national television? Forget the home-run derby, David, how bout the strike-out derby?

Moving over to shortstop, it doesn't seem as if our Jose Reyes will be going to St. Louis to play in any big games anytime soon. He's busy putting the DL in downhill.


Editor's Note: Apparently, Grandpa has fallen asleep. He tends to do that every now and then. Yes, during conversations; God bless him.)


Eddie G said...

So I'll take it that Putz is a lock?

wario said...

so murphy, doesnt make 1b, 2b, 3b, lf, rf, ???? wow he really does stink!

Joe Pigeon said...

Give him time... He still has some games to prove himself at the catching position.